Preparing for Your Arrival


JPL Postdocs – You will receive arrival instructions via e-mail from our Human Resources (HR) representative. All new JPL postdocs must attend the new employee orientation on the first day of their employment. The orientation will be conducted by the HR representatives, and will conclude around 3pm.

NPP & NHFP Fellows and Visiting Postdocs – You will receive arrival instructions via e-mail from the JPL Postdoc Office. The orientation will be conducted by the JPL Postdoc Office, and will take approximately 1-2 hours. NPP Fellows should contact ORAU to confirm that all required documents have been submitted prior to starting the appointment.

JIFRESSE Postdocs – You should contact Nancy Hom or your UCLA contact for information as well as your JPL host for arrival instructions.




Pasadena is a relatively small city, but housing is spread out. If you want to live walking distance from the Caltech Campus, a good area would be the square: Walnut (north) - Sierra Madre Blvd (east) - California (south) - Los Robles (west). There are also towns and cities close to JPL (besides Pasadena and La Canada). Leases are typically for 12 months. Deposit and/or extra rent for pets are typical.

Here are some areas to check out:

  • Altadena (north of Pasadena against the mountains)
  • Sierra Madra (east of Altadena)
  • South Pasadena (south of the western half of Pasadena)
  • Alhambra (south of South Pasadena)
  • La Crescenta (west of La Canada-Flintridge)
  • Montrose (south of La Canada-Flintridge)


If you want to venture out of the Pasadena area, here are some areas to consider based on relative ease of car commute to JPL.

  • Los Feliz (southwest of JPL—this is in the city of Los Angeles)
  • Eagle Rock (southwest of JPL – this also in the city of Los Angeles)
  • Glendale (southwest of JPL – this is its own city)
  • Burbank (southwest of JPL—this is its own city)
  • Downtown Los Angeles (southwest of JPL – the Metro train connects to this area)



Alternative ways to get to JPL


The Metro Gold Line connects to Pasadena from Downtown Los Angeles (heading northeast) and Monrovia (heading west). The following buses also offer service to JPL from Pasadena.  There is a JPL Gold shuttle bus between JPL and the Del Mar Station, Pasadena with the pick-up/drop-off same location as Metro 177.


Metro Bus 268 Metro Bus 177 Pasadena Transit LCF Shuttle Glendale Beeline