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Postdoc Research Day

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Postdoc Research Day


Below are links to posters presented at the 2021 Postdoc Research Day and the video recording of the 2021 Postdoc Research Day Award Ceremony, where the event's winners presented seminars on their research. All posters contain audio narration.


Virtual Postdoc Award Ceremony

Postdoc Group Photo 2020

Photo of the 2021 Postdoc Research Day Awardees (left to right): Dr. Cecilia Leung, Dr. Reinier Janssen, Dr. Federica Polverari, Dr. Kelly Luis, and Dr. Thomas Connor with Interim Director Gen. Larry James and JPL Chief Scientist Prof. Mark Simons.


Awards Ceremony Photos: 

Click here to access and download photos from the 2021 Postdoc Research Day Award Ceremony.

Astrophysics & Space Science


Earth Science: Ocean, Ice, Atmosphere, and Climate

Presentation Title Author
A new spatial stochastic model for uncertainty quantification in ice-sheet models using Gaussian random fields Kevin Bulthuis
The ocean dynamic contribution to 20th-century East Coast sea-level trends Brett Buzzanga
Uncovering basal friction in northwest Greenland by combining ice flow model and observations of the past decade Youngmin Choi
Grounding Line migration on Petermann Gletscher, North-West Greenland, Measured With COSMO-SkyMed Radar Interferometry Data Enrico Ciraci
Dual Frequency Satellite Radar Retrievals of Ice Water Content George Duffy
Influence of the MJO on stratospheric Kelvin wave activity as a function of equivalent depth in AIRS and MERRA-2 Jennifer Gahtan
Coastal retreat doubles previous estimates of Antarctic ice shelf loss Chad Greene
Separating Tsunamigenic Wave Structures from Naturally Occurring Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances Olusegun Jonah
Global Multi-Sensor Retrievals of Ozone Edward Malina
Seasonal Melt Water Mapping of Ice Sheets from Space using SMAP L-band Microwave Radiometry Mohammad Mousavi
Utilizing Ocean Optics to Detect Glacial Meltwater B. Jack Pan
Estimating 3D CCN Concentrations from Lidar Observations Piyushkumar Patel
Ka-band Wind Scatterometry: Characterizing the ocean surface backscatter Federica Polverari
Exploring an Evolution-centric Statistical Forecast Technique for Western U.S. Precipitation Agniv Sengupta
GOES-16 Analysis of Pockets of Open Cells (Video) Kevin Smalley
Comparison of temperature in Norton Sound and Bering Sea from 2002-2020 (Video) Rachel Spratt
Can satellite altimetry predict subsurface ocean temperatures near Greenland? Carine van der Boog
Trends in stratospheric water vapor observed by Aura-MLS Frank Werner


Earth Science: Water, Land, Biome, and Carbon Cycle


Planetary Science and Life Detection


Technology, Instrumentation, and Engineering

Presentation Title Author
Advances in Radio Science Instrumentation at JPL Zubair Abdulla
Volumetric Silicon Metaoptics for Highly‐Compact and Low‐Power Terahertz Spectroscopy Conner Ballew
Performance Enhanced Array for Counting Optical Quanta (Peacoq) (Video) Ioana Craiciu
High-Precision Integrated CMOS Analog-To-Digital Converter for Snow Radar Stanislav Culaclii
THz heterodyne receivers using quantum-cascade laser local oscillators and MgB2 superconducting HEBs Chris Curwen
Submersible Capillary Electrophoresis Analytical System for Oceans and Ocean Worlds (Video) Tomas Drevinskas
Breadboard to Brassboard: Development of DCXM to perform Sample Extraction and Concentration for In Situ Astrobiology Missions Osazonamen Igbinosun
On-chip Gas Sensors based on Mid-Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy using Bifunctional Quantum Cascade Laser/Detector Structures Kazi Islam
Large-format high-sensitivity detector arraysfor far-infrared spectrometers on future balloon-borne an space telescopes Reinier Janssen
Theoretical Investigation of the Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in Composite La3Te4/Ni Vatsal Jhalani
Waveguide Based Terahertz Variable Attenuator Subash Khanal
MgB2 Thin Film Development for Superconducting Devices above 1 THz Chang Sub Kim
Dual Frequency and Multi-Frequency Feed Horns for Cloud and Precipitation Radars (Video) Srinivas Prasad Mysore Nagaraja
Survivability of microelectromechanical deformable mirror to rocket launch Axel Potier
VAPRE: Facilitating Planetary Probe Mission Design & Entry Selection Alena Probst
Blue-detuned box potentials for spaceborne quantum gas experiments Matteo Sbroscia
Development and validation studies of the DSMC-JPL code (Video) Ozgur Tumuklu
Leaky-Wave Phased Array with MEMS Phase Shifters for Next Generation THz Spectroscopy (Video) Sven van Berkel
Metasurface-based optical concentrators for IR photodetectors Tobias Wenger
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